Tildes is a fresh online community for discussions. It’s started out May 2018, and I’ve joined it on July 7th 2018. I go by @cadadr there.

It’s currently an invite-only community. As long as it’s invite-only, you can reach out to me for an invite via e-mail, granted a) we know each other or b) you can prove me you’ll be a good fit for the community (e.g. by linking me to one or more of your HN, Reddit, Twitter, blog, &c).

“What are you reading these days?”

I started and ran a biweekly recurring thread in ~books between 1 Sep 2018 and 1 Aug 2019 for sharing which books Tildes users are currently reading, and talking about those. On August 1st 2019, @acdw took over posting the threads. A list of all the threads is available on the group’s wiki.