Göktuğ’s Open Source Stuff

This page is a listing of libraries and programs I’ve published. All of them are open source. My Emacs packages are detailed on my Elisp website, and not listed here.


Makas generates websites from a tree of Textile files. It does not try to deduce any meaning from the structure of that tree (i.e. where files are in the directory hierarchy), but can generate a blog from a directory of files named a certain way, if enabled. Multiple blogs, RSS feed generation and copying over static files are supported.

You can find the library at Github.

Makas is still alpha, and thus not published on Rubygems yet. But you should be able to use it via the gem commands’ appropriate options or using bundler’s syntax for fetching git repositories. It is quite functional, and is used to generate this very blog/website. I will release an initial version when I get to fix some prevalent issues and add documentation and tests (which were absent because initially I wrote this script as part of this blog).


Tool for checking the health of Firefox bookmarks. Reports rotten links, and brief statistics. Get it from the Git repo on Github here.