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If you find the content here or elsewhere that I’ve produced useful or pleasing, you can donate a small amount of money to help keep this website afloat (and maybe literally enable me to buy a cup of coffee if I receive more than the amount necessary for that). Publishing a website can be a bit pricy if you’re not earning in dollars or euros or sterlings. Yet, I’m not really interested in monetising my online presence ATM, especially this website, so think of this as a token of appreciation for anything I’ve put online—blog posts, HN comments, bits of code etc.—, not less or more gratifying to me than a sincere e-mail that says “hey, thank you!” I’m not intending this as a means to make a significant percentage of my income, so I’m not going to offer rewards on the platforms I’ll provide.

Below I’ll list some links for this. But before, if you have some extra money that you can send to strangers on the web, you should consider donating to charities. There are so many people in need of humanitarian aid in one form or another, quite obviously, but not only that: NGOs that provide scholarships to intellectuals of tomorrow, those which fund research, those which defend freedoms including those of internet users, those which protect the cultural patrimony of humanity, etc. The world needs more of these organisations, and all of these organisations need all the money they can get. I won’t die if I drink a coffee less, or quit it, but there are people starving, but also bright minds that can’t afford to study, people that want to strip us from our freedoms, artefacts of culture that are abandoned and rotting, and research that needs funds to start or continue.

Thanks a lot for considering my stuff worthy of a donation!

The links:

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