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Preprint Archives for Linguists


A list of various preprint archives that publish (exclusively or not) linguistics articles. My intention to keep this up-to-date as I encounter new preprint archives.

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What is programming anyways?


An attempt at an introductory text that aims to familiarise the complete newcomer with the concept of programming.

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How I studied linguistics and got into an English Linguistics MA programme as a BA in Italianistics


A year ago, a few months after I graduated as a BA in Italianistics, I decided to continue my studies in linguistics instead of literary studies. In the beginning of last month, I registered at Hacettepe University for their English Linguistics MA programme. This blog post documents the almost year-long process of study it took me to get there.

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Notes on Poetry Package Manager for Python


I’ve recenly used Poetry for a Python 3 project; this post includes some notes on the experience plus some bits of configuration I used for integrating it to my workflow.

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Kiss me then birth me


An English translation of Cemal Süreya’s poem Beni öp sonra doğur beni. This was first written as part of a comment on Tildes.

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Comparing Textile vs. Markdown for mobile use


In which I argue that Textile is a better fit as a minimal markup language, especially when typing on touchscreens.

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Göktuğ’s European Portuguese “Lusitânia” playlist


Introducing a Spotify Playlist which contains modern music from Portugal, aimed at helping learners of the language.

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Do not use Syncthing


Syncthing is critical software that is produced sloppily, and can cause data loss when totally unnecessary and preventable. Avoid using it for valuable data.

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On Language Learning and Comprehensible Input


In which I expose my experiences and what I derive from them with regards to learning a foreign language and how to utilise the concept of "comprehensible input".

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Moved this website to GitLab Pages


Just moved this website to GitLab Pages. It was not butter smooth, but I’m happy with what I have now. A couple tips in the post.

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Renamed Scissors to Makas


Renamed my Scissors library to Makas due to a naming conflict on Rubygems.

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Bilginin esareti—Türkiye üniversite kütüphaneleri


Büyük üniversitelerimizin çoğunluğu koleksiyonlarına erişimi yalnızca kendi öğrencileri, öğretim üyeleri ve mezunlarına, ayrıca yükseköğretim öğrencilerine sağlıyor; yani üniversite mezunu ya da daha altı bir kişi, kendi üniversitesinin kütüphanesi dışında hiçbir kütüphaneden yararlanamıyor. ILL yani kütüphaneler arası ödünç sistemi de yine yalnızca lisansüstü öğrencilerine açık. Oysa dünyanın en büyük üniversitelerinin çoğu çeşitli ücret ve kısıtlamalarla da olsa umuma açıklar.

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Published the static site generator, added new “Code” page


I have published the static website generator I’ve created for this website, and added a new webpage to list my non-Emacs projects.

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Perché ho deciso di non fare CELI/CILS/PLIDA?


In breve, perché è già una prova di pazienza iscriversi, e io non lo passo.

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New Elisp website is online!


I have just published the new website for my Elisp packages.

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Thanks Firefox, for screwing me


Firefox just closed weeks worth of tabs, and thus I decided to close it, for the last time on my desktop.

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On English


On the prominence of the English language, and how to cope with it as a foreign language

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On implexions as future nears me


Reflexions on my plans of an academical career

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E-YDS deneyimi


Geçtiğimiz hafta sonu Ankarada girdiğim E-YDS sınavı üzerine.

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Disabling colour and “fancy” output in Debian’s apt(8)


How to make apt(8) behave in dumb terminals.

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Pera müzesindeki ‘Louis Kahn‘ ve ‘Bana Bak!’ sergileri üzerine


Pera müzesinde 2017 sonu açılan iki sergiye dair notlar ve değerlendirme.

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Remake of this website and the generator script


I have just recently uploaded a new version of this website, generated using a custom-built Ruby script. This is just a meta post about it. Visitors should not experience much difference.

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HTTPS Enabled!


I have enabled HTTPS on gkayaalp.com, using ‘Let’s Encrypt’

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Ensuring integrity and persistence of mail and metadata w/ Gnus


Recenly I had to deal with a problem with Gnus that caused data loss, headache and panic […]. So I took some measures to make sure that my mail and the related metadata remains safe.

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Making a Debian Metapackage for One Command OS Setup


This tutorial will guide through making a Debian Metapackage (i.e. a package that only has dependencies on other packages and installs no files) and setting up your configuration so that it’s easily instatiable on a new system.

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Automatically lock RCS-controlled Org files when capturing/refiling


I use RCS for various version control tasks where I only control a single file or I have a directory of files whose histories will be unrelated. The directory which contains my notes and agenda in Org format is like that. With RCS, when you commit your changes, i.e. check-in in RCS lingo, the file becomes "unlocked", that is, it’s write bits are disabled. If you want to make further changes, you will need to "lock" the file, after "checking it out" if necessary (see rcs(1) manual for detail on how it operates). Conveniently, in Emacs, when you use the VC mode, the file is always checked out, and only locked and unlocked. But when my Org files are unlocked, I cannot seamlessly capture or refile my entries because the files are read-only, and I have to manually lock them first. The following bit of code advices some Org-mode functions so that they try to detect RCS controlled files and ask to lock them if necessary.

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İstanbulu dinliyorum


İstanbulu dinliyorum gözlerim tıkalı…

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An argument for Emacs


A rant on relevance and utility of Emacs.

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Turkish coffee


Turkish coffee description, details, recipes and tips.

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«Kesim» oyununun 18 Haziran 2015 sekizincikat tiyatrodaki gösteriminin üzerine oyunun analizidir.

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